The Sports Office

The Sports Office work with some of the biggest names in sport, such as: Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United, Inter Milan, Andy Murray, Toronto Maple Leafs + 100’s more.

This gives our golfers, their performance teams, and their families the best service possible and access to the most cutting-edge technology available.

By using the system, all the information that our golfers may need, from hotel reservations and boarding passes for flights to events, to video analysis from their coach back home, new work-out plans from their strength and conditioning coach or simply their upcoming schedule, is all housed within the app on their phone.


So no loss of flight details in their inbox, no miscommunication of where and when they need to be for upcoming sponsorship appearances and instant access to all of their key performance data, STATS and video footage. We provide our golfers with unlimited consultancy for the analysis of their performance data, wellbeing and workload information, key tournament stats and training and gym data. We believe that offering access to this high-end level of analysis is important as we continue to support our golfers and do everything we can to help them maximise their performance and stay in the best physical and mental condition possible.